Defects And Issues Common To Laser Printers, Las Vegas NV

Below is a list of print defect that are common ammong most laser printers. Most of these problems are maintnence, and can be fixed with a simple cleaning or adjustment, and somtimes replacement of  minor parts. much like your car needs an oil change and brake pads, printers also require maintence. Before replacing the printer contact RTW To have it checked out, if we can't fix your problem you will not be billed.


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Common laser printer defects:

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  • The band of randomly scattered points along the list

  • Grey bar with fuzzy edges along the page

  • Increased saturation on the edges or in center of the page

  • Thin white line along the page

  • Foreign background (usually on the edge of the sheet), repeated at regular intervals (2-4 times per page)

  • Foreign background all over the page

  • Recurring (repeating) image along the page

  • The white line (usually at the center of the page) with fuzzy boundaries , the width of which increases from copy to copy

  • Black or dark gray bar (usually on the corners of the page), with indistinct borders

  • Horizontal lines and black dots (lines) that repeats with drum circle step

  • Frequently repeated horizontal lines

  • Pale printout or decreasing the saturation of the image at one of the edges of the page

  • Irregular black print saturation along page width

  • Background on the page

  • Waves on printing and gray halftones

  • White lines while print halftones